Survey Design, Programming & Hosting

  • Survey Design

    Think Virtual Fieldwork offers a full range of survey design options. Regardless of how much input we have in the design of your questions, we strive to create high quality, professionally designed surveys. We will always conduct a thorough review of your questionnaire and check to be sure the questions, question flow and respondent instructions make sense for online. If we see a better way, we will give you our suggestions or recommendations. How much input we have in question wording is your choice.

    Questionnaire design options include:

    • Programming and host only. Working from your final questionnaire in electronic format we add the programming to enable the survey to be administered online. All wording and logic is created by you.
    • Wording for the web. Working from a survey you created for another data collection method, e.g. telephone or mall, we re-write questions and instructions to make the survey suitable for the web and program for the web.
    • Full service survey design. Working from an outline or very rough draft of the survey, we will write and program a survey suitable for the web.

    All questionnaire design options include programming and hosting.

    The following are some of the types of surveys we have experience with and more:

    • Segmentation studies
    • Ad/copy testing
    • Logo/tagline/name testing
    • Concept testing
    • In-home usage tests
    • Conjoint studies
    • Awareness, Attitude and Usage
    • Customer and Employee Satisfaction
    • User Surveys
    • Tracking studies

  • Programming and Hosting
    Our programming software allows us to execute a full range of question and response types. From simple surveys to highly complex surveys, we can program your survey to ensure you get accurate and complete data. Standard features include:

    • Complex skips/branching
    • Inserting text from previous responses
    • Rotation of answer lists, brands rated, concepts viewed and questions asked
    • Inclusion of multimedia (video, audio, graphics) and other design elements
    • Requiring questions
    • Save and return later feature
    • Password protection and preventing multiple completes per respondent

    Once your questionnaire is approved, we can quickly turn around an online version for your review. Most changes can be made immediately, without having to wait days for revisions.

    Your surveys are hosted in a highly secure environment, designed to handle the large volume of responses you would expect from surveys. We provide 24-hour support for respondents, so in the event of a problem, we can have surveys back up and running as soon as possible.

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