We offer a variety of sample options, matched to your specific data needs. We do not own or operate a panel or manage a database. We work with several organizations that specialize in online samples, selecting the one (or two or three) that best meet the needs of your project. Our expertise lies in understanding how to meet your quota requirements and ensuring they are met.

  • Sample Management
    Think Virtual Fieldwork can manage the entire sampling process from invites to incentives. We believe it is important to provide a highly positive survey experience so people will continue to participate in research. The sampling resources we work with have the same belief and know what it takes to get the research done without compromising data quality or respondent satisfaction.

  • Sample Types
    We have experience conducting research among a wide variety of audiences, from consumers to business professionals, general populations to highly targeted groups, domestic to international samples. You tell us who your target audience is and we will fulfill your quota requirements.

    Think Virtual Fieldwork has recruited and interviewed the following types of respondents and more:

    • IT Professionals
    • High level executives
    • Moms
    • Teens
    • Kids
    • Physicians
    • Patients
    • Consumers of beverages, food, health and beauty care products
    • Homeowners
    • Pet owners
    • Small business owners
    • High income households
    • Luxury goods owners
    • Students

  • Sample Sources
    Samples are obtained from trusted and reliable sources. All sources provide opt-in samples and maintain strict privacy policies to ensure high respondent cooperation and satisfaction. Unique to Think Virtual Fieldwork is our flexibility in sample source choices we are not locked into one panel or list or database. We choose the one(s) that work best for your project. Your options include:

    • Online Panels: Online panels have many advantages. They are typically managed and maintained to provide a wide variety of respondent types that are ready and willing to participate in research. They are also maintained to control survey participation and keep up to date personal information that can be used to select specific sample types. When you work with Think Virtual Fieldwork, we will select the right panel based on cost, time and respondent qualifications. And, we can work with multiple panels, if your project requires it, such as needing a very low incidence group or a multinational sample. When you access these panels through Think Virtual Research, you not only get the sample you want, but you also get the service of our experienced online researchers to manage the process on your behalf.

    • Non-panel Sample: We understand the importance of respondent privacy and adhere to the high standards of industry codes for data collection and data privacy. In other words, we will treat your respondents with the utmost respect and ensure their information and opinions are held in the strictest confidence. Think Virtual Fieldwork can field your study to:

      • Client-supplied lists, (assuming the respondents have given permission to be interviewed)
      • Visitors to a website via web intercepts
      • Mall shoppers
      • Randomly recruited telephone samples

  • Tracking and Quota Controls
    Quotas and completions are programmed then tracked and reported throughout the survey field period. Careful review and management of these results ensure questions are answered correctly, incidence levels are where they were expected to be, and that the right respondents are selected for interviews.

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